Is the Castle opened?

The Castle grounds are open 7 days a week. Generally, we differentiate peak season and off-season opening hours. From April to June, entrance gate opens at 07:00 and closes at 19:00. During summer months, the Castle grounds are open until 20:00. In autumn, we close at 18:00, in winter at 17:00.

The opening hours of the Nitra Castle Exhibitions also depend on the peak season and off-season. During the main season (April to October), Diocese Museum, Casemates and Castle Tower are opened for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00-18:00.

Why do I have to pay admission fee?

The entrance fee 0,50€ is really symbolic and is used for the Castle grounds maintenance, such as beautification of the site, operation of the toilets for visitors, etc.

What can I see in the Nitra Castle?

Visitors to the Nitra Castle have the opportunity to see the Castle grounds, the Cathedral of St. Emeram, the Diocese Museum, the Casemates or Castle tower, which offers an unique view of the city. The Tower gallery is the highest point in Nitra and also the closest vista of the city to the centre.

What kind of castle is it?

Nitra Castle can be classified as city castle, that over the course of time changed its layout (due to many design and fortification reconstructions), however, not the function. Even today, the site is occupied and functions as the seat of the Roman-Catholic Church, Bishopric of Nitra. Therefore, the visitors cannot explore Castle interiors or other exhibitions, typical for similar monuments. Different institutions resided here during the communist regime, which greatly influenced the amount of preserved ancient artefacts.

How do I get to the Castle?

Visitors can choose from two access roads to the Nitra Castle. One leads from the Župné námestie and the other, new pathway on the north-eastern side of the Castle hill, from the City Park.

* Path will be opened on 21th of April 2017

Where can I park a car?

One car park with sufficient capacity is located near to the Ice arena and is free of charge. Visitors of the Nitra Castle can also park at the smaller Župné námestie paid car park (0,50 € per hour). Bigger groups travelling by Tour bus may alight at Župné námestie.

Can I get married at the Cathedral – Basilica of St. Emeram?

Weddings are held in the Cathedral on a regular basis. The date, however, needs to be arranged in advance with the Cathedral administrator.

Does the service take place in the Cathedral?

The Cathedral is an active place of worship. Regular church services are held in the Cathedral from Monday to Saturday at 07:00, on Sundays at 07:00 and 09:00.

We are a large group wishing to visit the Nitra Castle beyond the opening hours. Would it be possible?

Large groups are warmly welcomed to the Castle. However, they need to be booked in advance. In such cases, the group can visit the exhibitions also beyond the opening hours.


Should you have any other questions, please send it to our email address: dieceznemuzeum@gmail.com.